Garden Cube Plus

Garden Cube Plus
Product Code: GC+2016000100
Price: $250.00
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The Garden Cube Plus is a taller version of the Garden Cube.  It can grow plants up to 2' tall, which allows seeds to grow longer before having to replant.

In 2-3 weeks, you will be ready to take your seed tray outside or plant into the Garden Cube.

There are three separate LED lights in each Garden Cube.  These lights mimic real sunlight, displaying a full spectrum of  optimized wavelengths.  These LED lights include technology with integrated LED chips and special coating that ensures that plants receive the best light absorption and uniformity of light distribution.  Growing indoor plants with LED lights can be very expensive.  Our competitively priced Garden Cube includes innovative, custom designed LED’s, while saving space and allowing you to grow the plants of your choice in an area of your home that may not receive proper sunlight.

The Garden Cube can be placed anywhere indoors, whether on a carpet, in a closet, in a basement, or in a dark room.  If the room has lower temperatures, a heating pad can be purchased as an accessory to help with growth.  This system is simple to assemble in minutes .   The only items you will need are soil, seeds, and water.  The kit includes 32 peat pots.    


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